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Observations on glibc libm

One of my recent (ongoing) projects has been to figure out a way to make performance characteristics of some transcendental functions (exp, log, sin, cos, etc.) in libm a bit more uniform. All of the functions have been implemented with two computation phases. The first phase uses a table of precomputed values and a polynomial approximation of the function. If the result is not accurate enough, the second phase is triggered, which descends into multiprecision computation. These multiprecision computations are dog-slow and that’s what I’m trying to avoid.

As expected, this has turned out to be more of a mathematics project than programming. I haven’t done any serious mathematics (beyond filing tax returns) in recent years, so it has been quite an amazing ride so far with the real fun still to come. I’ve started a page on the glibc wiki to document my observations as I go along. Currently it has notes on pow and exp functions since that’s where I started. Read up and enjoy!

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