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nullcon 2014

I have always had a peripheral interest in application security, so when some folks at work were discussing about attending nullCon (considered India’s premiere security conference), I decided to join them too. As usual, I submitted a talk because if selected, it pays for your attendance and it makes it easier to interact with more people.

I demoed and spoke about the recent pt_chown vulnerability in Linux and glibc, slides are here. Special thanks to Martin Carpenter for finding this vulnerability and later being available for advice and help when I was preparing for this talk. It was a fairly short talk (I had 20 minutes and I finished in about 15, including the one question) and it was the first one of the night talks, so I was quickly into attendee mode for the rest of the conference. There was an interesting talk on browser extension security in the night talks track, given by a student, Abhay Rana. It gave an overview of the javascript context model of Firefox and Chrome, and then went on to talk about the issue of extension writers asking for more permissions from the framework. Not exactly my primary interest (which is system software and applications security as opposed to web-based stuff), but was interesting nevertheless.

The main conference did not have a lot of things that interested me greatly, because heuristic analysis, penetration testing and fuzzing seemed like the primary focus and also the fact that there was little presented in the Free Software space, i.e. security research on Linux and/or BSD systems and software. I was even more disappointed when I found out that Chris Evans could not make it and was told that another Google engineer would give a replacement talk. Replacement talks are usually very high level, templated and not a lot of fun as a result, but I was in for a surprise. Sumit Gwalani talked about Chrome browser and OS security and for me that was the best talk of the conference. I had a very useful chat with Sumit later about some aspects of glibc and memory allocation tweaks that Chrome does.

Other than that, there were a number of hallway talks and discussions with attendees and speakers over interesting topics like reversing programs, binary patching and malware unpacking. The Bogmallo beach was probably the most beautiful Goan beach I have been to till date, with friendly people and great food. The Bogmallo beach resort is good, but overpriced a bit.

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