Hell Oh Entropy!

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A great event to go to if you want to know exactly how many and how much Indians are contributing to FOSS. Major contribution seems to be coming on the KDE and the Linux kernel front.

Workouts must have been great -- didn't get a chance (nor was I adequately prepared) to go to any of them since I was busy with my own little workout -- trying to get asynchronous connection going on ayttm. It's almost working now, except for SSL stuff. It has nothing to do with connection management really. It has something to do with threads, callbacks and the main loop. If you look into the implementation of eb_do_no_callback_dialog () and imagine it to be in a different thread than that in the main loop, you'll have an idea of what I'm talking about. I hope I'll have it fixed before I leave for Mumbai on Monday.

Oh, and met Philip for the first time in person. We had an ayttm BoF session today, in which I struggled with the SSL stuff and Philip and Pradeep tried to get ayttm to compile on Pradeep's laptop.

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