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Fixing my eyes: Taking the plunge

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I usually don’t write about my very personal affairs like my eyesight (which is really poor) but I decided to make an exception this time. After a lot of mulling over it, I have decided to ‘go under the knife’ to fix my almost blind vision. I read a lot of blog posts about personal experiences and I decided to document my own experience because there aren’t any posts about the new lenses I will be getting, viz. the EyePCL by Care Group India. Most blog posts seem to be about the Visian ICL.

I am -10 diopters in both eyes with -2.75 astigmatism. This made me ineligible for the supposedly simpler (and definitely cheaper) LASIK procedure since that would leave me with little or no cornea for further corrections. The doctor advised that I do an ICL instead, which would cost four times as much (about ₹70,000 per eye as opposed to ₹35,000 for both eyes for LASIK) but would be a reversible procedure.

This was a little over a year ago and I finally took the plunge today. I went for a fresh work up today (at Vasan Eye Care, Kothrud, Pune since they did a decent LASIK job with Nisha and Siddhi’s eyes) and came back with blurry vision due to the retina check up. The highlight today was the white-to-white measurement which involved putting a clamp around my eye to prevent me from blinking while the doctor measured my eye with a vernier calliper! They had put numbing drops so that it didn’t hurt when the calliper touched the eye but it was a bit uncomfortable nevertheless.

Next in the process is an iridotomy, which involves punching one or more holes in the periphery of my eye to ease intraocular pressure. This is done because the most common side effect of IPCL is increased intraocular pressure, which could result in glaucoma. This happens tomorrow, so I hope to write another post about it tomorrow.

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