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Fedora 21 Release Party at MITCOE

Fedora 21 was released in December last year, but thanks to the year and holidays and then travel plans of most people organizing (or helping with) the party, the plans were pushed all the time till we finally did it last weekend. Praveen and Rupali owned the event, with Praveen proposing it at the APAC Ambassadors meeting and Rupali coordinating with MITCOE and managing the snacks and cake. Praveen could not make it to the party in the end.

There were about 15 people from the college, none from outside and we started the event with Pravin talking about what’s new in Fedora 21. Parag followed it up with a talk on how to contribute to Fedora. He introduced the students to various roles and SIGs in Fedora and then handed it over to Anish, who talked about the Fedora Workstation product. Anish’s session led into an open discussion about Fedora and the community and how people could become part of the community and contribute to Fedora. There were also questions about how Fedora was different from Ubuntu.

We closed the event with cutting (and eating!) a very large cake, tea and samosas. We continued discussing various kinds of events we could do in their college to get them started as contributors as we ate. It was good to see a lot of interest among students to contribute technically to projects. We’re now looking forward to some fruitful technical sessions at MITCOE in the coming months.

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