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Ayttm IRC fixes... and much more

Another weekend without my wife... which means another full weekend spent hacking as opposed to the regular few hours every other day.

I finally finished off and committed the /whois bug fixes that George had reported a while back. In the process I found that the buddy management (adding, messaging, signing on, signing off, etc.) was completely broken in IRC. So I had to shuffle a lot of things around to finally be able to chat with users on IRC as well as add them to our chat list.

While I was busy doing this, I also remembered that there were a few low priority chinks in the html parsing code. For one, text inside <body> tags are supposed to stretch across the entire textbox window. I still haven't been able to figure it out but while trying it I thought about some other things like rewriting the entire html parsing in lex and/or yacc. That would mean that my code would be a lot simpler as well as a lot more robust.

Also, writing on a GtkLabel instead of a GtkTextView/Buffer could simplify some things. At the same time though, I would have to think a little about things like link clicks/double-clicks, embedding widgets, images, etc. I guess if that's doable then it's an attractive alternative.

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