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This is my first public project; have lots of the incomplete ones lying in my drive gathering dust. This is the first complete one so, Yay! :-)

Well, Antidialer is not a cracking tool as the name suggests, its a GUI based broadband dialer program for users of Sify Broadband using Linux. It is very much incomplete in the sense that it doesn't quite have the full feature set that the dialer provided by Sify for Windows has. But it still does its job of connecting and disconnecting your internet whenever you want.

The current released version of Antidialer is v0.2 and is available as a source tarball, debian and rpm binary packages.

10th August 2006
AntiDialer 0.2 is out!

AntiDialer 0.2 has been released. The new feature, as mentioned in the 0.1.1 CVS news below, is support for Mac Address spoofing through the config file. Apart from that there have been major changes in the options parsing module and the plugin framework. That's why I decided to bump the version number from 0.1.1 to 0.2.

As usual, the release is out as a deb, source and rpm (made from the deb package with alien). You may get this latest release here:

7th August 2006
AntiDialer 0.1.1 in CVS

AntiDialer 0.1.1 is in CVS. The changes are minor, with a new feature for Mac Address spoofing through the config file. Also, fixed is a little glitch which caused upgrading users a bit of trouble. It had to do with the old config file not being compatible with the new release. That has been taken care of now.

There's a couple of odd glitches I've found while testing that code so if you're not technically inclined, please don't download from CVS. I'll release as soon as those glitches get fixed. The version number may get bumped too as I'm thinking of a major revamp of the plguins module to fix the bug.

7th June 2006
AntiDialer 0.1 is in the Wild now!

AntiDialer 0.1 has been released today!

This version has a plugin interface which can be used to add functionality to the dialer dynamically. The GUI is based on one such plugin. Here's a list of the new features.

You can grab the latest release here.

3rd June 2006
AntiDialer 0.1 is in CVS now

AntiDialer 0.1 is complete and functional now! It's base is a console dialer and the GUI is built separately as a plugin.

This version has a plugin interface which can be used to add functionality to the dialer dynamically. Autotooling of the GUI component is almost complete too barring a bit of polishing.

You can grab the code from CVS. I will be releasing this in a couple of days time now.

28th May 2006
Console based AntiDialer in CVS

The planned console based antidialer is more or less complete and functional. It is still WIP though, so I haven't released it as yet. The grand idea is to have a console based dialer which can be "plugged in" with a gui.

Those who want to take an early peak may get the source from CVS. There are no guarantees of it working however; I'm working on it continuously and things may break without warning.

Another development in this new version is a completely autotooled approach. I am using autoconf/automake to configure and build the package so that one may easily install using

./configure && make && make install

15th April 2006
Debian and RPM Binary Packages for Antidialer

I've released binary packages for release 0.0.1. The code base remains the same though. Currently rpm and deb packages are available for download along the source that was released previously.
Have to admit though, even though package building is a pain, it felt good to have an app that Just Works :)

17th Feb 2006
First Release out

Release v0.0.1 out. Check the SourceForge link above. Looking to shift out the hearbeat code into a separate target in the next version and have it as a fancy tray icon.